FAA Scolds iPad Bird-Strike Videographer

VIDEO: Collision with birds knocks out Delta flights engine, fills cabin with smoke.


Even if you don't remember the name Grant Cardone, surely you remember his video.

Cardone was on the recent Delta flight hit by birds shortly after takeoff at New York's JFK airport. While filming out the window with his iPad, Cardone caught the sudden blur of birds pass his window, followed by the sickening thud of them smashing into the plane's engine.

It was fantastic video for a producer crashing a piece in an edit room, but the FAA said not so fast, Mr. Cardone. He received a warning letter from the agency encouraging him to comply with regulations on future flights. To put it bluntly, turn off your iPad, sir.

"In cases where there is evidence that a passenger has used a personal electronic device on a flight at a time when it was not allowed, the FAA may elect to send a warning notice to the passenger to encourage compliance with regulations on future flights," the FAA said in a statement.

And, as ABC News correspondent Jim Avila pointed out in Tuesday night's "World News" story about surviving a plane crash, perhaps Cardone would have been better served counting how many rows he was from the emergency exit then using his iPad for what turned out to be some very dead birds.

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