Fatally Stabbed Woman Runs Over Alleged Assailant's 2-Year-Old Daughter

                                                                              (Image Credit: Cleveland Police)

An Ohio woman who was allegedly stabbed by her best friend as she sat in a running car, stepped on the gas before she died and ran over her alleged attacker's two toddlers, killing one, police said.

The bizarre chain of events began with an argument Thursday between Kimberly Black and Sharice Swain, both 29, as they were sitting in a car outside of Black's Cleveland home. Police said it was unclear what started the argument between the two old friends.

According to police, Black got out of the car, went into her house and came back with a knife, and then stabbed Swain several times in the face and neck.

Swain stepped on the gas pedal, apparently trying to escape her attacker, and instead hit Black's two children and a house.

Kimshia Ruffin, 2, was killed, while 1-year-old Taraji Ruffin suffered injuries police described as not life threatening.

It was unclear whether Swain intentionally struck the children, however, one neighbor who came to help Swain believed she had a different target.

"It was on purpose. She was actually trying to hit the mama," Nikki Randall told The Associated Press.

Black removed her clothes and fled the scene on foot.  She was arrested blocks away from the crime scene.

Black was charged with murder and is scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.

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