The Global News Quiz - Week of May 7


 1) Why might someone in the U.S. have paid close attention this week to Spanish bond yields - or radical leftists in Greece?

2) What did Vladimir Putin do to blow off steam - after his (re)inauguration as Russia's President? (Extra credit: what former European leader was watching?)

3) Who is Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri?

4) According to a Save The Children survey, which are the best and worst countries in which to be a mother?

5) The Nelson Mandela Foundation announced a clothing line this week to benefit its work; what is the significance of the name - "46664??

6) Of the world's 10 fastest growing economies, how many are in Africa?

7) Where have sales of adult diapers just surpassed sales of diapers for babies?

8) Which rare primate was seen on tape - for the first time?

9) What extreme measure did one Chinese high school take to help students cram for exams?

10) Who launched a campaign to save Fish and Chips - and then did a stint as a TV weatherman?

11) What did Dustin Hoffman do in London that made news this week?

12) How did some people in Poland punish a man who had been speeding his car and revving his engine at odd hours on their street?


1) Those were key issues impacting global (and U.S.) markets this week.

2) He played ice hockey - a nationally-televised game. Putin scored a goal, assisted on another, and fell down once while carrying the puck. (Extra credit answer: It was Italy's Silvio Berlusconi.)

3) Al-Asiri is a Yemeni bombmaker and key figure in the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). He's credited with designing the so-called "underwear bomb" and then the upgraded device built for the plot that was discovered by an agent last week.

4) Norway is best; Niger worst.

5) It's the number worn by Mandela during his nearly three-decade-long imprisonment in South Africa.

6) Six.

7) Japan. It's the latest sign of that nation's aging population.

 8) The Cross River Gorilla - captured on tape by the Wildlife Conservation Society's cameras in Cameroon.

 9) The high school gave students IVs to help them prepare - hooked them up to intravenous drips of amino acids ahead of their all-important college entrance exams.

10) Prince Charles.

 11) Paramedics say it was Hoffman who called for them when a jogger collapsed in Hyde Park - and that the actor stayed at the jogger's side until they arrived.

12) They hired a crane and hoisted the car into a tree.

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