Baby Chimpanzee Fatally Attacked At L.A. Zoo

VIDEO: The attack was witnessed by at least 60 visitors at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The body of a baby chimpanzee that was fatally attacked by an adult chimpanzee will be removed

(Image Credit: Los Angeles Zoo/AP Photo)

from its mother today, after the body was left overnight for her to grieve.

The unnamed baby chimp, which was born on March 6, was attacked by an adult chimpanzee in their shared habitat on Tuesday at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The zoo apologized to the at least 60 visitors who witnessed the attack.

"Chimpanzee behavior can sometimes be aggressive and violent and the Zoo is sorry that visitors had to be exposed to this," Los Angeles Zoo spokesperson Jason Jacobs said in a statement.

Staff were unable to stop the attack due to zoo policy.

"Chimpanzees are strong and potentially dangerous so the zoo's policy does not allow staff to enter the same space as these animals," Jacobs said.

The Los Angeles Zoo has one of the largest chimpanzee habitats within a North American zoo. The animals are managed as a wild troop with multiple males and females, the zoo said.

The baby chimpanzee was slowly integrated into the habitat. No signs of hostile behavior were shown toward the newborn prior to the attack, Jacobs said.

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