Mickey Shunick Disappearance: Investigator Has Suspect

VIDEO: Mickey Shunick: PIs Believes He Has Strong Lead

Lafayette Police Department/AP Photo

A private investigator hired to help find missing Louisiana college student Mickey Shunick believes that he may have information about a suspect.

John Abdella, a P.I. hired by private donors trying to help solve the case, told ABC News affiliate KATC that he has received two tips from independent sources describing the same person.

"And their description was almost identical," said Abdella.

Abdella noted there may be two credible suspects in the case, based on the tips he has received in the past week.

"They appear to be very credible and they appear to be very knowledgeable," Abdella told KATC. "And I thought it was more than coincidental that both of their descriptions were the same."

Abdella said he plans to meet with police to share his information about the leads.

For Shunick's family, Abdella's information is welcome news as they try to stay focused on finding Shunick.

"Hopefully it takes us somewhere in the next couple of days," the missing woman's brother Charlie Shunick said.

"Everything we are doing, everything that's going on here, everything people are doing is to find Mickey. It has nothing to do with anything else. Our goal is to find my sister," Charlie Shunick told KATC.

Abdella said he believes that the Lafayette police, who are the lead agency on the case, are working hard to find Shunick, 21, who disappeared in May while riding her bicycle home from her friend's house in the middle of the night. Shunick's bicycle was later found badly damaged under a bridge about 30 minutes from where she disappeared.

"It's a very active investigation," said Abdella. "And I think the police are very, very active, they are putting in a lot of man power, they're spending a lot of overtime."

Abdella did not return calls for comment.

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