PHOTO BLOG: Monopoly Lands on Chicago's Streets

Image credit: Adam Nowek/The Pop-Up City

The game Monopoly is taking over Chicago, thanks to an unknown street artist who uses the name "bored."

This stack of Community Chest cards - complete with a pair of dice - was found in the city's Logan Square. The cards were reportedly stuck to each other as well as to the sidewalk to prevent anyone from stealing them.

Its message - "Error on Bar Tab" - had changed, according to some online commenters, from "Go to Jail" for some not-so-good behavior.

Other works of art include a deck of Chance cards with a marriage proposal for "Carissa"; a property space for Albany Avenue, complete with two houses; as well as a Luxury Tax block.

Adam Nowek of The Pop-Up City, an online magazine from Amsterdam, called the exhibit "a heart-warming intervention that reminds us of our childhoods and adds some much-needed fun and humour to our sidewalks."

Check out Pop-Up City for more Monopoly art in the Windy City.
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