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Did you read the Global Note this week?


1) We've heard the term "Grexit" - coined to describe Greece's potential departure from the Euro. What's the new term coined to describe Spain's banking crisis?

2) Name two silver linings in the global market meltdowns.

3) Whose death was described as "a major blow to al-Qaeda".

4) What 1980's band performed on the Buckingham Palace roof?

5) What did a group of armed men do that spooked people in Libya?

6) Which world leader said he was "bored" - three weeks after leaving office?

7) What is a Japanese company doing - to keep beer cold?

8) Where did Valery Rosov set a world record for "base jumping"?

9) Where did a talk show end in water and punches being thrown?

10) Who said, ""the worst job you can get these days is to be a deputy leader in al-Qaida."

11) Where are food companies making rectangular Oreos filled with gum, and fish-flavored Ritz crackers?

12) What Japanese designer's creation costs $15,000 a pair?

13) What did archeologists discover behind a pub in east London?

14) Which world leader owns a watch worth more than a half million dollars?

15) Why did tens of thousands of Indian people swallow live sardines smeared with an herbal paste?


1) "Spanic."

2) Oil prices have dropped - to $86 a barrel; and interest rates are at historic lows.

3) Yahya al-Libi, considered a "general manager" for al-Qaeda's main branch, overseeing the terrorist group's day-to-day operations in Pakistan as well as its links to affiliates around the world.

4) The Ska band Madness - they performed "Our House" for the Queen's Jubilee.

5) They took over the Tripoli Airport - for nearly 24 hours.

6) Nicolas Sarkozy.

7) A beverage company has come up with a beer topped with frozen froth. Kirin says the drink can be made using a machine similar to ones that make frozen yogurt. Kirin says the frozen froth keeps the beer chilled for at least 30 minutes…well over the average of 22 minutes it takes to finish a pint.

8) Rosov set a world record by leaping from the top of Shiving, a 21,466-foot mountain in the Indian Himalayas.

9) Athens.

10) Leon Panetta, in Kabul.

11) China.

12) "Tatehana" shoes - made for Lady Gaga.

13) The remains of an Elizabethan theater - "the Curtain Theatre" - where some of William Shakespeare's plays were first performed.

14) Vladimir Putin.

15) They believe the fish and paste formula will cure their breathing problems.

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