Seattle Woman Plans to Marry Housing Complex

The Seattle woman who married a building in January to save it from being demolished now plans to marry a housing complex.

Babylonia Aivaz, a community rights activist, was unsuccessful in saving the warehouse despite protesting at the demolition site wearing a wedding dress.

Now she plans to marry again, this time to Yesler Terrace, whose housing buildings are set to be replaced with "a new mixed-income community… that is healthier, more supportive of education and economic empowerment, and more sustainable," according to the Seattle Housing Authority website.

Arriving after the window of time designated for public testimony, Aivaz interrupted the committee meeting Monday, wearing the same wedding dress "by screaming to get attention about her concerns," described council communications director Laura Lockard, who witnessed Aivaz's outburst.

"She proceeded to breach the wall that separates the council chamber from the public and go up to our council. During her complaints she had a brick in her hand, so it became a security issue," Lockard said.

That brick was the last piece of the building she had married in January.

"It's unclear what she is arguing against. I'm concerned for her mental health. She wasn't making sense," Lockard said.

Aivaz was escorted out by security.

Lockard doubts Aivaz's erratic outburst accomplished anything in impeding the construction. Aivaz, however, is determined to preserve her community. In a statement she released to Central District News, Aivaz wrote, "Wherever a bastion of community spirit exists that is facing total destruction, there my heart will be."

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