The Global New Quiz: Test Your Skill!


1) As a crowd in Oslo marked a year since the horrific terror attack, which superstar made a surprise appearance?

2) Who was Oswaldo Paya?

3) What is the significance of the so-called "Berlin Patient"?

4) In what country is there fury - and protests - over the price of chicken?

5) What city was in the headlines all week for the battle that loomed there?

6) Who is Ri Sol Ju?

7) From where to where did an 11-year-old fly without a passport or ticket?

8) In which country did the President die suddenly at 68?

9) Which animals have apparently figured out how to dismantle poacher's trap?

10) Which nation had two athletes thrown out of the Olympic Games before they began?

11) In which Olympic sport was a world record set before the opening ceremony?

12) Who is Bogu Kailai?

13) Which nation's spy agency allegedly was trying to recruit children?

14) What distinction did Japan lose this week?

15) Who are the Hadza tribe?

16) How did Chen Guanming get from China to the Olympic Games?

17) What animal in Indonesia is trying to kick a smoking habit?

18) Who was booed in Paris?


1) Bruce Springsteen made a surprise appearance with an acoustic rendition of "We shall overcome."

2) A Cuban activist who spent decades speaking out against the Castro regime and was killed in a car crash in Cuba.

3) Timothy Brown, the so called "Berlin Patient", is considered the only known patient to have been cured of AIDS.

4) Iran.

5) Aleppo.

6) The wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

7) From Manchester to Rome.

8) Ghana's President John Atta Mills died this week.

9) Gorillas - in Rwanda.

10) Greece. World indoor high jump champion Dimitris Chondrokoukis failed a drug test; triple jumper Voula Papachristou posted comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants.

11) Archery. In the team event, South Korea's Dong-hyun, Kim Bubmin and Oh Jin-hyek set the new mark

12) The wife of disgraced Chinese leader Bo Xilai, who was formally charged with the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

13) Russia's. A Russian spy ring busted in the U.S. two years ago planned to recruit members' children to become agents, according to the Wall Street Journal.

14) For the first time in nearly three decades, Japanese women are no longer living the longest of any women in the world. That honor has gone to Hong Kong.

15) The Hadza are a tribe of hunter gatherers in East Africa - a study of their people found that a sedentary lifestyle is less important than diet.

16) In a rickshaw. It took him two years and thousands of miles but Chen Guaming travelled to England on his rickshaw, sleeping inside it along the way. His aim, he said, was to "spread the Olympic spirit."

17) An orangutan. It's been moved into rehab to help her kick her decade-long smoking habit.

18) Madonna.

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