UGA Sophomore Writes 'How to Snag a Husband' Guide in Student Newspaper

For those who view four years of college as a race against the clock to find the perfect husband, you're in luck.

Amber Estes, a sophomore at University of Georgia, has put together a foolproof plan for undergraduate women looking to nab a prince charming to bankroll her ultimate Southern belle lifestyle, while still finding a way to graduate on time with their MRS degrees, in the university's independent student newspaper, Red and Black.

What does Estes recommend for what she said is "the thing that is most essential in securing our futures"?

For starters, enrolling at UGA is a no-brainer. That's where husband-hunters can find the most eligible Southern gentlemen who "dress in nothing but the frattiest clothes they can purchase, take hard classes that will inevitably lead to a high salary job and they love their mommas," she said in the article.

In her article, Estes said to spend time frequenting areas on campus with the most ambitious guys, "which directly correlates to how well they'll be able to provide for your future mini Mr. Perfects."

What do you wear to attract a man of this caliber? Estes said throwing on a form-fitting sorority-emblazoned "frocket" doesn't hurt. Also, she recommended looking good, but not too good. There's nothing more off-putting to a future spouse than someone who tries too hard.

Once your outfit is appropriate and you've handpicked the perfect location for snagging a spouse on campus, Estes said the key to luring him in is by using a little app on your phone - Instagram.

"Nothing spruces up some mediocre pics like a lighting adjustment and filter on Instagram," she said in the article. "Also make sure to take pictures with your pretty friends, but not ones that are pretty as you."

Estes said using Instagram is the lynchpin in your scheme, which should lead to "an influx of friend requests" and, later, dates, if done correctly.

Finally, Estes said acting like a lady on your dates is how to get him to consider putting a ring on it.

"A man won't get down on one knee for a woman who is overly willing to get down on both of hers," she said.

Winning over his friends, encouraging him to focus on school, and making nice with his mom - all done in moderation - will help you to secure the rock you've been working so hard to achieve by graduation day, she said.

"Remember girls, the time is now to guarantee your future," she said. "Keep your eye on the handsome prize, stay focused and go get that MRS degree."

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