Woman Seen With Kim Jong-un Identified

Image credit: Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service/AP Photo

One mystery has apparently been solved regarding North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un, and it's causing a bit of a scandal.

South Korean sources have reportedly identified the woman photographed by his side on several occasions as Hyon Song-wol and they say she is a married mother of one, according to the Telegraph.

Some previously had guessed that the short-haired, attractive woman was Kim's younger sister or even wife. North Korea's media, however, has not yet mentioned the woman's identity.

According to media reports, Hyon is the former leader of Bochonbo Electronic Music Band, which released several hits including "Excellent Horse-Like Lady" in 2005.

According to the Telegraph, she and Kim were in a relationship 10 years ago when Kim returned from school. The two reportedly broke things off, though, at the demand of Kim's father, Kim Jong-il.

Hyon then wed a member of the North Korean army and had a child. The circumstances of her marriage and her child were not known.

South Korean sources said that after Kim Jong-il died, the new leader and Hyon apparently rekindled their friendship and Hyon began appearing with Kim Jong-un.

She has been photographed with him at numerous events in Pyongyang, including at a Disney performance. And it was reported that she'd been hired to run the country's art troupe.

North Koreans and South Koreans have been scrambling for any bit of information about Kim, who took over as North Korea's supreme leader after his father died in December.

It's been reported that his birth year was changed from 1983 to 1982 last year, making him either 27 or 28. As a student in Switzerland, he was known as Pak Un, but his birth name was later changed from Kim Jung Oon to Kim Jung Un to justify his succession.

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