Woman Shocked by Shark, Fiance Vows to Reel It In

The woman made famous by a viral video showing her terrified reaction when a shark unexpectedly grabbed the bait at the end of her fishing line says she has no need to go near the ocean now.

Her fiancé who captured her expletive-laced reaction, however, says he has already dived back in to try to catch the shark for good.

"It would have been nice to get it on the first try … but we're not done trying," William Moore said today on " Good Morning America," appearing live with his fiancée, Sarah Brame, from the spot outside their vacation home in Cherry Grove, S.C., where the shark encounter occurred.

"We actually rigged up a bull shortly after that video was shot and we threw out the bait and actually hooked a shark and tried to catch it," he said.

Moore of Franklinton, N.C., was helping Brame reel in her first catch on a fishing trip Tuesday when they, along with Brame's stepfather, Van Hughes, got the surprise of a lifetime.

As Brame reeled in the red drum fish she had just caught, a shark pierced through the water and grabbed her catch.

"It was crazy. It honestly kind of scared me," Brame said. "There was no evidence anywhere that he was lurking in the water."

The video posted to YouTube by Moore and entitled, "The One That Got Away," shows what happened next. While Brame was surprised by the shark, estimated by the family to be a bull shark between four to six feet long and weighing more than 200 pounds, she was not at a loss for words, releasing a string of expletive-laced screams and cries for help.

The shark got away but Moore and Hughes remained undaunted, recruiting another relative and going back into the waters just minutes later for another try at the evidently hungry shark.

"They rigged up one of his [Hughes] big chums and threw out a full drum body with the [inaudible] cut off of it and the shark took the bait," Moore said. "I mean he wasn't even sitting in the water 10 minutes and he took the bait."

"We fought him for about 45 minutes but eventually he broke our line," he said.

The couple said they swam in the now shark-infested waters near their vacation home the past two years but not this year. Brame says she has "no need" to get in the waters now, while Moore said he's going to keep trying and made a promise to bring evidence of his big catch to "GMA" first.

"If we hook the shark, I'd love to come back and take pictures and show you all," he said.

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