Woman Stops Runaway Car With Kids Inside

VIDEO: Child puts car in gear while mother is inside store shopping for groceries.

When Leslie Bicknell pulled her truck into a parking spot outside of an Albuquerque, N.M., strip mall she was shocked to see a pint-sized driver in the adjacent minivan.

"There was a small child in the driver's seat," Bicknell told local ABC affiliate KOAT.

It wasn't just the one child in the driver's seat that caught Bicknell's eye. There was another child in the car, both youngsters locked inside with the keys left in the ignition, according to KOAT.

As Bicknell watched, the child in the driver's seat began to make a dangerous move.

"I literally watched her shift it into gear," Bicknell said. "I knew what was going to happen."

Fearing a potentially fatal accident, Bicknell took action. She jumped out of her own truck to try to prevent the minivan from rolling into a busy intersection.

Surveillance video captured the moment that Bicknell's heroic plan began to backfire. Her own truck began to roll backwards towards the street.

"I must've knocked my own car in gear jumping out," Bicknell said. "I left the door wide open."

In a fortune of luck, Bicknell's truck rolled just behind the minivan with the two children inside, blocking it from rolling into traffic.

"I am glad that the kids are okay," Bicknell said. "The mother thanked me and hugged me."

The mother, who was not named, left her two children in the van while she ran into a convenience store in the strip mall, according to KOAT.

There is no word yet on whether the mother would be charged.

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