Conn. Town Settles Dispute Over Little Girl's Pet Rabbit

Connecticut officials have settled a zoning dispute over a little girl's pet bunny, after she was handed a cease-and-desist order for housing the 20-pound pet on property smaller than two acres.

According to North Haven zoning laws, families aren't allowed to keep rabbits and other livestock on land that spans less than two acres.

Support calls from across the country poured in for 7-year-old Kayden Lidsky, demanding she be allowed to keep her rabbit named Sandy.

North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda said Friday those demands have been met.

"All along I've said that little girl is not losing that rabbit," Freda told the Associated Press. "We have a ridiculous ordinance … and we're going to change it."

Prior to Freda stepping in, Kayden's father, Josh Lidsky, was prepared to appeal the town's cease-and-desist order.

"I'm happy it's over," Lidsky said. "I'm saddened that it had to go as far as it did. It's very tough for a 7-year-old to understand why people would do something like that. She's cried nightly."

Since news hit last week about the town's order nearly 4,400 people have signed an online petition on urging the town not to force the family to give up the rabbit. Freda says the old ordinance was put into place 50 years ago when the community was largely farm related. It was designed to prevent people from raising and selling animals.

The new ordinance, Freda says, will allow rabbits to be kept as pets.


The Associated Press contributed to this report

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