Ralph The Penguin Needs a New Wet Suit

VIDEO: Humboldt penguin sheds all its feathers at once during annual molt, putting skin at risk of sunburn.

Ralph the penguin is in the market for a new wet suit and it looks like he may soon be getting not just one, but two suits.

The 13-year-old Humboldt penguin lives at Marwell Wildlife park in Winchester, United Kingdom. He loses his feathers faster than the other penguins during his annual molt, which makes him vulnerable to sun burn and cold.

"For the past couple of years, Ralph has had a wetsuit to protect him from the sun and keep him warm on colder evenings," the wildlife charity wrote on their website. "However, with all Ralph's swimming and grooming, the wetsuit has now seen better days."

The rubber wet suit was made from the same material as a human wetsuit and fitted with Velcro to make it easy to adjust. The suit is extremely flexible and does not restrict his movement, Marwell said.

Marwell describes Ralph as a "bouncy character" who grooms the wetsuit just as he would with feathers and his partner, Coral, is often seen grooming him too.

But photos and video show that Ralph's wet suit is frayed around the edges and tearing at the seams.

Marwell Wildlife asked anyone who might be able to help to contact them and they believe they have found someone who wants to help Ralph.

"We have somebody lined up now," Marwell Wildlife marketing and fundraising director Andrea Mullins told ABCNews.com today. "The plan is they'll come in and they've offered to do a winter and a summer wetsuit so he can cover all seasons."

Mullins said they will be custom fitting the suits to Ralph's body.

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(Image credit: ABC News)

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