Slushy Attack Leaves Clerk Drenched

VIDEO: customers frozen-drink throw also knocked out the Oklahoma stations ability to pump gas.

A slushy slinger carried out a bizarre attack at an Oklahoma gas station that left an unsuspecting store clerk drenched and the station unable to sell gas for several hours, resulting in a couple of thousand dollars in lost business.

Store surveillance cameras at the Hop n Sack gas station in Lawton caught the incident on tape as a woman in black hurls the sticky confection all over a clerk while her friend walks away smiling. The slushy drink also short-circuited the store's high dollar gas machine, rendering the station unable to sell gas until 11 the next morning when the machine was repaired.

"A 24-ounce slushy, a blue one" was the suspect's weapon of choice, station owner Rick Sellers tells ABC News. On video, the woman can be seen standing at the counter casually next to her friend in a white shirt before hurling the beverage at the clerk. The clerk then wipes her face and calls the station owner to report what happened.

But aside from being a little shaken, the clerk is doing fine. "She's good," Sellers said. "She was shook up but she is fine, she opened the next morning."

According to Sellers, a deputy sheriff had been called to the station earlier in the evening after the two women in question allegedly tried to instigate a fight with the clerk who was taking a break outside the store. The two women returned to harass the clerk after the deputy sheriff left the scene.

The drink thrower also went to school across the street from the station and was at one time friends with the store clerk.

In addition to the mental damage caused by the slushy slinger, Sellers also tells ABC News the attack cost his business $2,000 in lost gas sales after the sticky blue drink shorted out the electronic machine used for making gasoline sales.

Captain Craig Akard of the Lawton Police Department tells ABC News charges may potentially be brought against the assailant. "We'll work the case up and present it to the DA's office, there was a charge of malicious damage to property and assault and battery listed on the offense," he said.

If the district attorney decides to pursue the case, the suspect, who may have fled to Georgia, may be forced to return to the Oklahoma. "There is a possibility that if the suspect did leave town she will be brought back," said Akard.

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