Test Your Smarts: This Week's Global News Quiz


1) This week an American explorer was airlifted from Antarctica. Name the air base where he was picked up.

2) In what body of water did a U.S. destroyer rescue 8 Iranians?

3) A British medical journal reported on a new concern for mothers in Africa. What was it?

4) On August 9, where were people urged to make babies?

5) Whose concert sparked a State Department warning?

6) Which Asian leader gave a speech that lasted more than five hours?

7) Which Asian airline was fined for an in-flight beauty pageant?

8) Usain Bolt said he had "lost all respect" for whom?

9) Who is Sandra Avila Beltran?

10) Large sections of which metropolis were underwater?

11) What sitcom is a big hit at the Guantanamo Bay prison?

12) A mass of volcanic rocks, the size of Belgium, is floating off the coast of what country?

13) The Wall Street Journal found that 16 % of gold-medal winners in London did what?

14) The Journal also found that California produces more medal winners than any other states. Not surprising. Name the two other top-medal-winning states.

15) The world's appetite for what hit an all-time high last year?

16) Name the crazy video from a South Korean rapper that's gotten 20 million hits?


1) McMurdo Airbase.

2) The Gulf of Oman.

3) Obesity. A study in the Lancet finds it's a growing problem; obese mothers in Africa were about 50 percent more likely to lose their babies in the first four weeks of life than other mothers.

4) Singapore. An ad campaign called on Singaporeans to do "their civic duty" and help solve the city' state's low birthrate by making a baby on Singapore's independence day.

5) Madonna's. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow warned Americans that of a serious threat to harm spectators and performers. The threats were likely due to Madonna's support of a jailed Russian punk band called Pussy Riot that has criticized President Putin.

6) Asia's longest-serving ruler, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

7) A Vietnamese airline, VietJet. Its flight attendants staged a mid-flight show with bikini-clad contestants.

8) Carl Lewis. Bolt criticizes the former US superstar after Lewis was quoted as saying Jamaica's doping controls were not as strong as other countries. "Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him," Bolt said."The things he says about the track athletes is really downgrading for another athlete to say something like that. I think he's just looking for attention, really, because nobody really talks much about him."

9) The drug trafficker known as "Queen of the Pacific," alleged to have more than a decade working her way to the top of Mexico's drug trade.

10) Manila.

11) "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." It's not clear why reruns of the Will Smith show have caught on, but The Miami Herald quotes the librarian saying demand is so hot that he's ordered all six seasons.

12) New Zealand.

13) They cried at some point during the podium ceremony.

14) Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

15) Beer. A report found that 50.9 billion gallons of beer were produced last year.

16) "Gangnam Style."

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