Elderly Arkansas Couple, TV Crew Interrupted by Nude Man From the Woods

(Image Credit: Courtesy Saline County Sheriff''s Office)

An elderly Arkansas couple and the television crew questioning them about their storm-ravaged property were left dumbfounded when a naked, allegedly intoxicated young man emerged from the woods during their interview.

Eva Halpain, 83, and her partner, John Manassel, were at their Benton, Ark., home Sunday discussing with station KARK-TV how a tree had fallen and destroyed their home during a recent storm. That's when the man emerged from the woods by their home and casually strolled down the road, covering his genitals.

"What is this out here we got?" Manassel says as his eyes drift away from the interviewer. Realizing what he's seeing, he asks his neighbor whether he knows the man.

"'I have a naked man standing out in the middle of the damn street with his privates in his hands just standing out there," the neighbor is heard saying on a 911 call.

Manassel is seen on the tape approaching the man and attempting to speak to him, but soon walks away.

The naked man was eventually identified as Nathaniel Koba. Police say he was high on drugs when he wandered out of the woods.

Koba, 22, was not harassing residents, but he was soon greeted by sheriff's deputies.

He had no identification, so it took deputies a while to determine his name. Koba was arrested on indecent exposure and public intoxication charges.

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