Londoner Responds to Neighbor's Karaoke With Scathing Critique

Loud neighbors are not an uncommon problem in cities and suburbs, but dealing with them can be an art form. The Osbourne family famously threw a ham over their neighbors fence, and on Sunday Oli Beale, who according to The Sun is a 33-year-old advertising executive, channeled his innermost Simon Cowell and became a viral hit.

After he was kept up all night by hits from The Who, Aerosmith and Elton John sung at a karaoke party taking place on a nearby balcony, Beale made a sign critiquing a few of the performances and posted it on Twitter.

Image Credit: Oli Beale/Twitter

"Thank you for your epic performance," Beale wrote. "Your terrace faces 115 windows, so you really did have the perfect stage. I'm sure you're keen to hear our verdict."

Beale gave the 2:23 a.m. rendition of "Pinball Wizard" a three out of 10 and called it "terrible."

He was even more critical of the 3:14 a.m. version of "Walk This Way," giving it a score of one out of 10 and saying it was "the lowest point of the performance."

However, Beale did express praise for the singing of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" at 8:20 a.m.

"Actually, very good," he wrote. "If you're going to be woken up after two hours of sleep, it might as well be to a herd of morons screaming 'Tiny Dancer.'" Beale ended the note simply and succinctly.

"I hate you," he wrote.

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