Sheep Storm Through Austrian Sports Shop

Sheep are known to be followers, but they're not known to be vain.

A flock of sheep proved themselves to be both this past weekend, however, rampaging through a sports store in an Austrian ski resort town.

"We think one of them saw its reflection in a mirror and came in to investigate," a spokesman for the Intersport shop in St. Anton told local media. "And being sheep, of course, the rest of them decided to follow."

All of a sudden, it was bah, bah black sheep, the store found itself with plenty of wool.

The rams not only surprised onlookers and fellow shoppers as they wandered through the store, but they also left a mess among the bikes, skis and other sporting goods for sale.

"They broke some of the sunglasses and left a lot of dirt. We had quite a clean-up to do," store manager Michael Ess told the Oesterreich Daily, according to AFP. "I have never experienced anything like it."

After foraging around, the sheep were finally wrangled out of the store by two shepherds. In a 40-second video posted to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 100,000 times, one shepherd dragged the first sheep out by its neck, and then the flood of white began.

Sheep after sheep emerged from the store as onlookers watched amazed. Finally, the smallest baby goat teeters out and the spectacle is over.

According to reports, lawyers for the store are now negotiating with the flock's owner over payment for the damage the sheep caused.

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