Alleged Shoplifter Stripped By Employees

Clerk Rips Clothes Off Shoplifting Suspect

A man accused of stealing candy bars from a 7-Eleven store was thwarted by three store clerks who were captured on video grabbing him and stripping him down to his underwear.

"I got nothing man! Why you biting me?" David Golson, 29, screamed on the video, taken by a bystander on Wednesday in the Brooklyn, N.Y., store.

During the skirmish, some patrons can be heard laughing on the video, while others yelled, "You are attacking him!"

A 7-Eleven spokesperson called the video "disturbing" and said one employee had been fired, while two others were being retrained.

"7-Eleven, Inc. does not condone restraining any guest/customer or a suspect. As a matter of fact, this is an important precept of 7-Eleven's safety and security training we give franchisees and provide for them to give their employees," the company said in a statement to

Golson was arrested and faces charges of robbery and assault.

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