Baby Elephant Dramatically Rescued From Muddy Pit in Kenya

VIDEO: Workers with Amboseli Trust in Kenya used their Land Rover to save a baby elephant.

It looks like a scene plucked straight out of "The Lion King," except this dramatic rescue of a baby elephant in Kenya is real.

On Oct. 8, this eight-month-old baby elephant got stuck in a five-foot-deep muddy pit in Amboseli National Park.

As any worried parent would be, the calf's mother, Zombe, was right by her side, helpless about how to rescue her baby from the hole. But workers with Amboseli Trust for Elephants, a research team devoted to the long-term conservation of Africa's elephants, were there just in time to save the day.

At first, the conservationists had to make loud "aye aye aye" noises to scare Zombe off in order to get close enough to properly rescue the baby animal. Once the mother was a safe distance away, two men struggled for 30 minutes to tie a rope around the baby calf. They were eventually successful, and with a little help from the horsepower of their Land Rover SUV, were able to haul the baby out of the pit.

As soon as the elephant was safely freed from the hole, she quickly ran to be reunited with her mother.

The Amboseli Trust team managed to capture the whole harrowing experience on camera, ending with the heartwarming reunion between mother and child.

"We rescued this young 8-months-old calf early this week. Luckily, the report came in early in the morning and we were able to get there quick before the mother was forced to leave by herders arriving to water their cattle. It was a happy ending, as we were able to reunite the calf with her mother, Zombe," the video's description said on YouTube.

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