Texas Woman Allegedly Robbed by 'Idiot' Neighbors

VIDEO: Andrea Villareal knocked on doors looking for stolen property and found it in her neighbors condo.


A condo owner who called 911 after she discovered that burglars had taken everything from her home, including the bathroom sink, was surprised to find the alleged culprits before police even arrived at her building.

Andrea Villareal's friend Lina had just moved out of the condo she was leasing from Villareal. When Lina arrived to clean it, she found that thieves had taken everything inside, from the bathroom vanity to the safe out of the floor.

"I came to mop the floor and noticed everything was gone," Lina told ABC News affiliate KTRK-TV, which did not use her last name.

When Villareal arrived at her condo, she says, she did what anyone would do, asking neighbors if they'd seen anything or any of her possessions, all of which had simply vanished.

"Even down to the Christmas tree that I had in storage," Villareal said.

As she began looking around the condo building, Villareal saw some of the missing items and appliances, including her refrigerator, her vanity and her microwave.

"She saw her stuff in these idiots' house," Lina said.

When she asked for an explanation, the residents told Villareal they didn't know how her belongings got there. But when reporters from KTRK-TV asked the neighbors, they said they were "trying to help her."

The unnamed neighbor said it was just a misunderstanding, and that he saw two other guys breaking into her condo. He said that they said they were movers, but they ran off and he stepped in.

"I had two guys down the street and said, 'Hey, you want to help me move this. Paid them $70 to put it up in front," he told the station.

With police officers on the scene, Villareal got the two brothers who had removed her belongings to start moving it all back in. She even got them to pay her for damages done to her property.

"It's the strangest thing that's ever happened to me," she said.

Police told KTRK that she agreed not to press charges.

"Here's a get out of jail free card," Villareal told the station. "Pay to fix what you've done, obviously you are going to be embarrassed because you are on TV, and I hope you change your lives."

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