Election Night 2012 proved to be the most successful joint live video event in the history of the Yahoo!-ABC News Network, with combined traffic of nearly 10 million live video streams across and mobile, the Yahoo! News' Election Control Room, the YouTube Elections Hub and other partner sites. ABC News and Yahoo! produced over seven hours of live coverage hosted by GMA Weekend anchor, Dan Harris, ABC News Political Director Amy Walter, and Yahoo! News White House Correspondent Olivier Knox and featured the best talent of ABC News and Yahoo! News, as well as several new features and products that drove user engagement.

"The Election season continues to show the combined editorial strength and reach of the ABC News - Yahoo! News partnership," said Joe Ruffolo, Senior Vice President ABC News Digital. "It also highlights the focus of ABC News Digital as we continue to deliver the most engaging content and original video, innovative product experiences, and additional live streams to meet our user and advertiser needs."

Election Night 2012 highlighted ABC News' on-going commitment to reach viewers wherever and whenever they demand news and information. ABC News delivered both live televised network coverage co-anchored by ABC News' Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos, as well as a separate live stream of co-branded original, digital-only programming. ABC News coverage of Election Night was available to users across ABC News digital and social platforms including, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News,, ABC News' iPad & iPhone apps, ABC News' Android app, ABC News' mobile & tablet websites, ABC News affiliate websites, as well as the YouTube Elections Hub and Hulu.

Through the ABC News iPad App and desktop experience, users gained access to ABC News' unique three-screen experience which offers three, simultaneous, live video feeds to users craving information in real-time. These three live feeds included the ABC News-Yahoo! News joint Election live stream, ABC News televised network feed and a third stream of election highlights and other video.

The ABC News-Yahoo! News Live Stream offered users unique segments and interactive elements to provide deeper coverage of news consumer sentiment displayed across third-party platforms and social networks. To deliver the full picture to viewers, the ABC News-Yahoo! News Live Stream combined untraditional social media surveys with premium ABC News content to engage viewers on issues they valued most. To achieve that end, as well as provide users with the tools for easy and intuitive access to our content, ABC News-Yahoo! News offered:

· Breaking Hashtags: A feature that highlighted trending Twitter hashtags during the event.

· Detailed Social Analysis powered by Yahoo! News' "The Signal" in partnership with Attensity to track the hottest topics resonating with viewers.

· Google Hangouts: Live Google Hangouts with key voting groups (e.g., Students, Latinos, undecided voters) across the country featured on Google+ and within the ABC News-Yahoo! News Election Live Stream.

· Reaction: Live Twitter, Google+, and Facebook comments during events.

· Storify Feed: A social feed, curated to include the best from social media including Tweets, pictures, quotes and images from viewers, analysts and political pundits.

· "After": A new, live anchored morning program produced the day after each event that provides a complete wrap-up of the event along with detailed analysis.

· A detailed calendar on the live stream page for the day's most important video events, including speeches or other announcements.

· A Video On-Demand Library to access speeches, news reports and key moments captured on video.

· Dynamic surveying powered by GoPollGo and Never No: An interactive survey feature that kept users engaged throughout Election Night as they weighed in on key issue and shared and compared their views with other users across the United States. Over the course of Election coverage, GoPollGo reached a combined total of 336,000 votes.

· Mobile: Traffic across ABC News mobile products soared on Election Night, with 450,000 live video streams. As more and more users turned to their mobile devices for news updates and live video, ABC News delivered a separate mobile experience for this growing audience. A complete mobile app suite for iPhone, Android, and iPad offered ABC News users a wide variety of features from real-time election results to live-streamed video for an optimized mobile experience. ABC New selection coverage was also delivered to the newly launched ABC News Windows 8 App.

ABC News-Yahoo! News live stream coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates and Election Night produced a combined total of 20 million live video streams across ABC News and other partners, including the YouTube Elections Hub.

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