Cops Taser Goldilocks-like Intruder

Washington police have found a cell that may be just right for the suspect who allegedly broke into two college apartments, eating in one and going to bed in the other.

Police in Everett, Wash., were called to an apartment at Everett Community College early Sunday morning when the students returned home to find someone sleeping in one of their beds.

When officers arrived, they found Stephen Stavano, 50, naked and asleep in bed, his clothes strewn on the floor, said Everett Police Department spokesman Officer Aaron Snell.

Snell said Stavano appeared "unclean" and "disheveled."

"His clothing and everything about him was clearly at odds with the apartment," said Snell.

When officers prompted Stavano to leave, he became angry and belligerent, prompting officers to use a Taser to subdue him, said Snell.

Officers were able to link Stavano with another trespassing incident that occurred in the same apartment complex a day earlier, Snell said.

On Saturday night, residents came home to find Stavano allegedly eating a can of soup at their kitchen table. Snell said residents "pushed him out of the apartment," but did not call police until later.

"We believe in both cases that the doors were unlocked [to the apartments]," said Snell.

Stavano is currently being held in Snohomish County Jail.

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