'Johnny Football' Haircut Gets Student in Trouble

VIDEO: Christian Chavez, 17, of Kerrville, Texas, got a haircut that violated his high schools dress code.

Christian Chavez, of Kerrville, Texas, got a pretty impressive haircut Wednesday of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate, Johnny Manziel.

When he showed up to class at Hill County High School Thursday morning, his fellow students were in shock and awe of his new 'do. However, his teachers and school administrators didn't find it so amusing.

"My son was sent home from the school for the haircut because he was getting a lot of attention," Christian's mother, Irma Chavez, told ABCNews.com.

Chavez said she received a call from principal Steve Schwarz saying her son "was supposed to go home and not come back until the haircut was the normal hair with all the hair coloring out."

She added, "I tried to talk him [Schwarz] into letting him stay at the school because I was at work and would have to leave work to pick up. He's a sweetheart and Mr. Schwarz does understand my circumstances. He let Christian go ahead and stay at the school as long as he was isolated from the other kids, because the other kids weren't doing their work."

Chavez said Christian, 17, was disappointed about having to be separated from his classmates because everyone was doing their work and it was never his intention to cause such a scene.

"At first, he didn't want me there with the haircut, but he ended up letting me stay. But then my mom ended up getting me early anyway," Christian said.

Jamie Fails, Kerryville Independent School District public relations specialist, said the school's dress code was in place to prevent distractions, so Christian was removed from his peers.

"The young man came to school Thursday with a hair style that violated the Kerrville ISD dress code which states, 'Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. Only natural hair colors are acceptable. Hairstyles that are distracting are not acceptable,'" Fails said in a statement provided to ABCNews.com. "He was placed in an area of the school where he would not distract the learning of other students. He left school early, but it was on his own accord and done at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner. Although he has stated he was kicked out of school that is simply not true."

The elaborate portrait haircut took San Antonio barber Rob the Original two hours to complete. Makeup was included in portions of the cut to make Manziel's face look more realistic. To help prove Christian's devotion to the player, he said he slept on his face to avoid messing it up before school the next day.

"My older son played with Johnny Manziel, so he's a big fan," Chavez said.

But the Chavez's aren't Manziel's only fans. Despite the high school's disciplinary actions against the 'Johnny Football' haircut, it too, is a big supporter.

"We appreciate the young man's enthusiasm for Johnny and everyone in the community is just as excited," Fails said. "We hope that he wins."

Christian returned to school today with his haircut still intact, although he once again had to complete his work in a separate room away from the other students.

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