NBA Cracking Down on Flopping for Foul Calls

Barry Chin/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Bad acting on the hardwood is being called out across the basketball realm.

During a game this week, Kentucky's coach John Calipari accused Duke's players of "flopping," faking contact with an opposing player in order to draw fouls from the referees.

"They're flopping all over the place," Calipari reportedly told ESPN Tuesday. "In the NBA, they'd all be suspended."

After the game, though, he told a reporter for the Chronicle, Duke's newspaper, that his comment was just a "joke."

While Calipari may have been kidding, the pros are not when it comes to flopping and have started issuing punishments for the theatrics.

The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant told ABC News that he was glad the league was clamping down on floppers this year.

"Yeah, get that out of here," he said. "That's wack."

In February 2011, the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh famously flopped against the Bulls' Carlos Boozer.

"I don't even think he hit him," one commentator said. "It's all about selling it. … You got the Academy Awards coming up."

Recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers' Donald Sloan drew one of the official warnings for flopping during a Nov. 2 game against the Chicago Bull. He was named and shamed on the NBA website but just received a warning from the league. Further offenses will draw fines of up to $30,000.

There's now even an instructional video that basketball's top players have to watch.

"When I first came into the league … nobody flopped," said the Lakers' Antwan Jamison. "Some guys do it [flopping] better than others."

Jamison wouldn't, however, name any names. "No, I would never do that," he said.

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