Tortilla Wrappers Protest Mexico's Kidnapping Plague

(Image Credit: Raymundo Ruiz/AP Photo)

Tortilla wrappers, as common in Mexico as milk bottles are in America, are being used to protest the constant plague of kidnappings.

"The disappearances in Juarez have to disappear," one advertisement reads, referring to the violence-ridden border city, where gang violence and kidnappings are an everyday fear.

At least three dozen tortilla shops have joined the campaign and are using the wrappers, which show a clothed female figure standing on a street, but her body is missing. The wrappers also provide a phone number for people to call with information regarding missing persons.

An owner of a tortilla shop who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation from gangs, told the Associated Press the campaign is a "good idea."

"The truth is a lot of people don't know about the missing young women - we are always the last to find out - so I think the governor had a good idea when he started this campaign to help families find missing people," the owner said.

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