What are the chances? Identical twins crash into one another on the morotway.

When someone crashes into your car and you step out to talk insurance with the driver, the last person you expect to see looking back at you, is yourself! But in a 1 in a million chance, this was true of 18 year old identical twins Sam and Jake Stevens who collided at a junction a mile from their parents' house as Jake was heading home and Sam was going to a football match.

The angry twins both leapt from their cars- and were shocked to come face-to-face with each other. Jake said: "I was dazed but fuming and ready to kick the other driver's backside. "Then I saw Sam charging towards me. I couldn't believe it. At least I knew where he lived, so we didn't have to exchange contact details."

Due to the scene being such a perfect mirror image, It might follow that they should share equal blame, but the twins don't agree. They're insisting the other was at fault for the crash in Gosport, Hants. Sam said: "I was approaching a junction at three or four miles per hour when he came around the corner too fast and on my side of the road." But Jake insisted: "There is no doubt Sam is to blame. I am the better driver."

Now the Co-op (which insures them both) is trying to sort out who the blame lies on. A spokesman said: "This is an extremely rare case." Or maybe he just couldn't believe there were two people who signed up for Co-op insurance.

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