Mayan Apocalypse Prep: Inside Extreme Bunkers

VIDEO: David Wright looks at the extreme bunkers of those who believe the world is ending on December 21.

It may be less than a week to Christmas, but if you go by the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will come first.

Mayan prophecy predicts an apocalypse Friday, and around the world people are prepping, such as in a warehouse east of L.A., where the Atlas Survival Shelter is located.

Ron Hubbard, creator of Atlas Survival Shelters, has built these doomsday-prepared structures deep underground.

"How many of these things are you selling?" ABC News' David Wright asked Hubbard.

Last year, it was like one a month," Hubbard replied. "Then, the beginning of 2012, it went to one a week and then, since December, it went to one a day."

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Atlas Survival Shelters is one of a growing number of companies now catering to catastrophe, selling real estate from $100,000 to millions of dollars.

"This is going to protect us against nuclear, biological, chemical attacks, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires. If an earthquake comes, it gives you a place to go if your house is destroyed, and looters come, you can take your family underground. You can protect them," Hubbard said.

"How long can you live down here?," Wright asked Hubbard.

"For as long as you have to, as long as you got food or water. Indefinitely. I know a guy who has lived in one, full-time now, for 18 months. He uses it like a home," Hubbard explained.

It's definitely helped business that an ancient Mayan prophecy predicts this Friday may mark some sort of global expiration date.

"The deity Bolon Yokte Ku appears on Dec. 21 of 2012 and he descends and he performs a ritual," Mayan calendar author and researcher, John Major Jenkins, told "Nightline."

Lots of people are now projecting modern anxieties onto that ancient Mayan date, believing the financial system might collapse, or that global warming, solar flares or an act of terrorism might take out the nation's electrical grid.

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However plenty of 2012-er's are not so negative about the Mayan prophecy. In Mexico, Wright met astrologer Star Moser, who plans to be at the Mayan ruins Friday, praying to her crystal skull.

She believes this will mark the dawn of a new, more enlightened age. But plenty of others do not share the same sentiment.

"I'll be in my shelter in Texas, just in case," Hubbard said. "I'd feel really silly that I went and put in a nice shelter underground and I wasn't in it come Dec. 21."

But right after that, Hubbard plans to return to L.A. to build more of these shelters that he says are strong enough to be around for thousands of years.

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