Nebraska Woman Jailed After 'I Robbed a Bank' YouTube Video

(Image Credit: YouTube)

The YouTube video of a Nebraska woman's indicating that she had "robbed a bank" will be used to build a case against the suspect, officials said.

In the video titled "Chick Bank robber," the woman whom police identify as Hannah Sabata, 19, greets viewers with handwritten notes, including "HELLO, "I stole from a car," which are captioned on the video, and, ultimately, "Then I robbed a bank," which is also captioned, "with a gun a pillow case and a note."

Never saying a word, and with Green Day's "Warning" playing throughout the entire video, she then retrieves a thick wad of cash and shows it off to the camera while "$6,256? flashes on the screen.

A caption at the bottom of the video reads, "I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow i'm going for a shopping spree. Bite me. I love GREENDAY!"

Sabata has been charged in connection to the Nov. 27 robbery of the Waco, Neb., Cornerstone Bank, in addition to a theft-of-vehicle charge. She is being held in York County jail on $300,000 bail, and it's unclear whether she has met with her public defender, whom York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff identified as Nancy Waldron.

Waldron's office said the attorney was unavailable to comment Tuesday and has not responded to a message left today. Sabata has not entered a plea and her preliminary court hearing is scheduled for Dec. 26, Radcliff said.

In the video, the woman hints at why she committed the alleged crimes: "Because the government stole my baby," the screen reads, "and they charged me with neglect."

Whatever her thinking, Sheriff Radcliff Tuesday said the suspect was easily identified. "An ex mother-in-law and ex-husband turned her in," he said.

The sheriff said that they recognized her from a photo of the suspect in the newspaper.

Radcliff said Sabata was arrested last Wednesday wearing the same clothes she wore in the YouTube video, clothes he said match those worn by the robber in the bank's surveillance video.

He declined to disclose the amount of money stolen in the robbery, but said all of it was recovered during Sabata's arrest at her Stromsburg, Neb., home. A stolen car with missing license plates was also recovered in a nearby park and, Radcliff said, he found those plates at Sabata's home.

"She took them with her," Radcliff said. "Never seen anything like it. Really makes you wonder if she was trying to get caught."

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