Bigfoot: Is Mysterious Screech Sasquatch?

VIDEO: John Muller has the latest details on the search for the mystical creature.

He's the elusive hairy giant of legend, a tabloid hero and news diversion.

Now, Bigfoot is back in the headlines.

It's not foot prints, grainy video or sightings. This time it's audio.

A recording that was given to the Oregonian newspaper captured high-pitched shrieks and roars from a swampy area in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, a bigfoot hot spot for decades.

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People living in the area said they've been hearing the strange cries in the night since November.

"These are not just animals, these are a type of people," said Melba Ketchum, a bigfoot expert.

Some suggest it could be a young bigfoot that got lost calling out for his fellow bigfoots.

"Well, first, it's more than one. Remember it's not bigfoot, it's bigfoots. There's a misconception out there that we're looking around for this one thing," said Matt Moneymaker, a bigfoot hunter.

One alternate theory for the high pitched shrieks is that they could be the screams of local foxes.

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