ABC News Recognized with Five Gracie Awards

Robin Roberts and Martha Raddatz Acknowledged for Individual Achievement

"Nightline" Recognized with Awards in Hard News

"20/20? Producer Keturah Gray for Her Reporting on the Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Breezy Point

Brian Ross Investigative Unit Recognized for Outstanding Investigative Program on "Nightline"

It was announced today that ABC News is being honored by the Alliance for Women in Media (AWRT) with five Gracie Awards in the categories of "Individual Achievement - Anchor," "Individual Achievement - Reporter/Correspondent," "News/Non-Fiction Producer," "Outstanding Investigative Program" and "Hard News Feature." See the ABC honorees below:

Robin Roberts - Individual Achievement - Anchor/News/News Magazine From her historic interview with President Obama where he revealed his change of heart on the topic of same-sex marriage to her to her bravery and determination to turn her illness into an opportunity to help others, Robin showed incredible leadership, intelligence courage and passion as Good Morning America's co-anchor.

Martha Raddatz - Individual Achievement - Reporter/Correspondent Martha has interviewed world leaders and four-star generals, traveled to Iraq to cover the conflict there more than 20 times, walked among the injured after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and twice flown in an F15 fighter jet over Afghanistan. Last year she reported from Yemen where she spent time with Yemeni forces the day before they were hit by a suicide bomber, flew with the first female commander of a combat fighter wing, and on a Thursday night in October she masterfully moderated the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Keturah Gray - Producer, News/Non-Fiction "20/20? producers Keturah Gray and Jim DuBreuil were sent to Breezy Point to embed with residents who decided to stay home during Hurricane Sandy despite mandatory evacuation orders. While Superstorm Sandy brought major flooding and strong winds to Breezy Point, it also fed a sudden and massive fire that took out dozens of homes during a harrowing blaze that raged for hours. Keturah was there to document the night, capture the apocalyptic images, and search for her own safety alongside Breezy Point's terrified residents. Keturah's reporting was featured on all ABC News platforms.

Brian Ross Investigates Medicare Fraud - Outstanding Investigative Program - "Nightline" At a time when healthcare costs are at the heart of the national political debate, government officials estimate that $60 billion dollars of taxpayer money are lost to Medicare fraud every year. An undercover investigation by ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and Producer Megan Chuchmach used hidden cameras and a grandmother to reveal how a simple trip to the doctor's office can result in misdiagnosis, expensive treatments, unnecessary health care supplies and costly fraud. As a result of their story, federal investigators cracked down on dozens of doctors and health care companies in McAllen, Texas.

Chief Investigative Correspondent: Brian Ross

Producer: Megan Chuchmach

Associate Producer: Randy Kreider

Digital Managing Editor: Mark Schone

Chief Investigative Producer: Rhonda Schwartz

Field Producer: Vic Walter

Nightline Executive Producer: Jeanmarie Condon

A Cry For Help: Disaster in the Desert - Hard News Feature - " Nightline" ABC News was the first American broadcast network to report on the 2012 hunger crisis in West Africa. It was not easy. The worst affected areas were difficult to access because of their remote location and high security concerns. This is a region where Islamist extremists have kidnapped a number of foreigners in recent years. Bazi Kanani and her team did not want to wait until it was an easier story to tell-Their hope was to give the world information about a pending catastrophe while there might still be time to stop it.

Correspondent Bazi Kanani

Producers Clark Bentson, Kinga Janik

Sr. Producer: Medlinda Arons

Executive Producer Jeanmarie Condon

- ABC -

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