"Nightline" Anchor Terry Moran Reports from Inside Syria for ABC News

VIDEO: ABC News Terry Moran makes a dangerous journey to Syrias embattled capital.

"Inside Syria: The Battle for Damascus" Reports to Air Across ABC News Broadcasts and Platforms Beginning February 18

"Nightline" anchor Terry Moran takes a rare journey into Syria's embattled capital of Damascus to give viewers a close-up view of what is happening inside the war-torn country. His reports will cover why the outcome of Syria's civil war matters to the stability of the region and the national security of the United States. Syria is certain to be one of the main issues on the agenda for President Obama's trip to the Middle East next month and Secretary of State John Kerry has said he will be discussing Syria's civil war during his first overseas trip in the coming weeks.

Moran will report " Inside Syria: The Battle for Damascus" for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms. His first report aired Monday, February 18 on "World News with Diane Sawyer."

"This war is far from over - and it is far from clear who will win - but we already know who the losers are: the people of this ancient land," Moran said in his first dispatch for ABCNews.com. "It is a dirty war, in a crucial country. The chaos engulfing Syria threatens to spill over into Iraq on one side, and Israel and Lebanon on the other. That is a nightmare scenario for the U.S."

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