San Diego Man Goes on 30 Dates in 30 Days

VIDEO: Tim King, 27, of San Diego, is using the "Details Matter" app to go on 30 dates in 30 days.

Courtesy Photographer Tim King

If you've never been taken sunset sailing, ceramic making or whale watching on a first date, you might want to introduce yourself to Tim King, a 27-year-old photographer from San Diego.

King is channeling his inner playboy by embarking on a marathon dating adventure. He's going on 30 different dates in 30 consecutive days, tailoring each one to the person he's meeting and never duplicating experiences.

"I'm not looking for love - I'm not looking to get laid - but rather just share some awesome adventures with some great girls," he wrote on his blog, where he's chronicling each of the dates' details.

King started his serial dating on March 20, so today marks his eighth date. He'll be taking the lucky lady on a gondola ride in Coronado, Calif.

Obviously, this is a more creative first date than your average, humdrum dinner-and-movie routine, but don't be mistaken. He's not "Mister Perfect" or the next contestant on "The Bachelor." He's not even coming up with the date ideas and venues on his own.

Behind the scenes, actually making all the magic happen, is app creator Mark Wills.

"Dating should be so much more than dinner and a movie," Wills told "Dating has gotten to be so boring. I'm a single guy in San Diego, so when I realized there was no one place to get cool date ideas, I decided I'd make one."

Wills created an app called " Details Matter," which is designed to give people a place to encourage and offer fun, alternative date ideas. Users submit their suggestions and how much it costs, which can then be searched by categories like the time of day it would be most fun, or indoor versus outdoor venues.

King happened to be invited to the app's launch party and immediately fell in love with it, so he approached Wills with an idea that would be beneficial to both of them. King would go on 30 dates in 30 days, using only the app's suggested ideas.

"Tim was like, 'What do you think about this crazy idea?' And I was like, 'Tim, you find the girls and I'll find the dates,'" said Wills. "He's seven dates in, and I'm a little jealous of him."

King took to social media to promote their project, " 30 Dates in 30 Days with Details Matter App," and the response was overwhelming. He had way more submissions for dates than he ever needed. He also wanted to find people from all walks of life that were just as enthusiastic about "getting out of their comfort zone" as he was.

"Most people step out of their comfort zone by trying a new type of Indian food. That's not out of my comfort zone," King said. "I have a 63-year-old woman flying in from Seattle for a date on April 11."

He's also gone sailing with the "party girl that just got back from yacht week," went paintballing with a girl "that could handle getting bruised," and worked on ceramic pottery with a girl that was "really into art and photography."

But he's not stopping there.

"I'm also going to go on a date with a gay guy. I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone in the best kind of way," King said. "Practice what you preach. If you say jump out of your comfort zone, do it."

And luckily, so far, he hasn't been stood up.

"I'm just trying to have fun without any strings attached," said King.

But, Wills added, "If something were to happen, at least it would be authentic."

"If it happens, it happens," King agreed. "This is the most organic way to do it. Just going out and having fun with people."

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