YouTube Prankster Causes Stir at the Drive-Thru

VIDEO: Drive-Thru Prankster

A YouTube prankster made headlines earlier this year with a video showing employees' reactions to his disappearing from the driver's seat at the drive-thru window.

WATCH: How the 'Drive-Thru' Prank Was Done

Now, another creative young mind with a camera is making headlines for showing what happens when you do the opposite at the drive-thru window, cause a big scene.

The video, titled "Stalling Out at the Drive Thru," is the mastermind of Andrew Hales, a 22-year-old from Provo, Utah.

Hales, who quit college and his job last year to make YouTube videos full time, bought a $500 clunker of a car off Craigslist and armed himself with a GoPro camera.

He then spent roughly four hours over two days, aided by a cameraman in another car, driving to various drive-thru restaurants in Provo, placing an order for drinks and then proceeding to stall the car just as the drinks were handed to him, causing a mess.

"They thought we were such idiots," he said of the employees' reactions when he would return to explain the prank. "They didn't think we were that funny."

Hales has been making his fans, if not always his subjects, laugh since last March when he began posting a new video each week on his blog and YouTube channel, both titled LAHWF for "losing all hope was freedom," that focus on what he calls, "awkward social experiments."

"The ideas just come to me randomly during the day and I write them down in my phone," Hales said.

The drive-thru prank, already viewed nearly 300,000 times since it was posted last week, might be funny on its own, but it was done to get one stop closer to the ultimate prank for Hales.

"I had to come up with something where we could have a good reason to buy an old car," he said. "My ultimate plan is to set it up in the desert and destroy it.

"I'm talking to the Fire Department now about codes and regulations," he added.

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