Anonymous Letter Criticizing 'Tacky' Display Motivates Woman's Easter Home Decoration

Anjuli Patil/CBC

A Canadian woman who received an anonymous snub asking her not to degrade the neighborhood for Easter with her "tacky" home decorations said the criticism spurred her to make her display even more elaborate.

Lori Perron, of Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) that she was hurt when she read the note left for her by the person who signed the letter "a concerned neighbor."

According to Perron, the letter read: "Dear homeowners, before Easter comes, the community asks that you do not demoralize our subdivision and street with yet again, your very tacky decorations. Halloween and Christmas was enough. Perhaps you should consider that this area is a step above you."

After she read the note, Perron said, she thought she wouldn't decorate for Easter. She changed her mind.

"Then I thought 'Yeah, I will, and I'll go worse. I will be tacky,'" she told the CBC.

Video of her home shows colorful rabbits and colored eggs on her lawn and porch. She has even bigger plans for future holidays, she said.

"No one has the right to tell someone that they're not good enough to live in a different neighborhood," she said. "What's so great about this neighborhood? Because we pay higher taxes?"

Through the CBC, Perron issued an invitation to the letter writer.

"Whoever you are, knock on my door, come in, meet me," she said. "Have a cup of coffee with me, have dinner with us, and you'll realize that life isn't that bad. Happy Easter to whoever you are."

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