Girl Has New Wish For Snow White After 'GMA' Debut

VIDEO: Adorable 4-year-old Alyssa Brown has a new wish for Snow White after seeing herself on "GMA."

Anything is possible with a real-life princess like Snow White on your side.

Or at least that's what 4-year-old Alyssa Brown seems to think.

We first met Alyssa yesterday when the heartwarming video of her reunion with her daddy, who had secretly returned from his deployment in Afghanistan to surprise her at Disneyland, went viral.

Snow White played a huge part in that surprise, leading Alyssa to her wishing well and magically making her dad appear.

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Alyssa's wish being granted caught the attention of "Good Morning America," who aired the clip on today's show. Alyssa was over the moon to see herself on national television.

"When she saw herself on TV she just started to flip out," Jennifer Brown, Alyssa's mother, told "She got really excited and had to scream to everyone in the household to look."

"There I am!," little Alyssa shouted. "There's me, there's me! There's you daddy, there's you daddy!"

Naturally, after having Snow White personally grant her wish, along with having a huge television debut, Alyssa thought anything was possible.

"I wish for a puppy," Alyssa told her dad, Lt. Scott Brown.

"When Snow White made her wish come true, she decided to seize the opportunity to ask for a new puppy," her mother explained.

However, she added, "Her little brother is a handful. We just can't deal with a puppy. Puppies are great, we love them, but we've got our hands full. We're praying that no one sends us a puppy."

Not to worry. It appears Alyssa's attention has already moved on to focusing on her dance skills.

"Alyssa, you're a star!" Jennifer says in the video.

"I'm not a star yet. I will be later in dance class," Alyssa replied.

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