Gorilla Caught Running From Goose

VIDEO: Goose on the Loose vs. Gorilla: Who Will Win?

The gorilla's reputation as the beast of the wild may have gotten undone in a single 30-second video shot at a zoo in Kansas.

The video, taken by zookeepers at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kan., showed what happens when a gorilla encounters a goose: The gorilla is the one that runs scared.

On April 7, a few Canada geese escaped from their own habitat and flew into the enclosure of Barney, the zoo's 19-year-old gorilla.

After a brief stare-down, one of the geese charged forward, spreading its wings. Barney had a quick, instinctual reaction: He ran.

"The geese being aggressive was not a shock because when they're nesting they can be pretty aggressive and, quite frankly, cranky," a zoo spokeswoman told ABCNews.com. "But the gorilla reacting that way was quite a shock."

Geese have been spotted in the gorilla enclosure since the first incident, the spokeswoman added, but the two wild breeds are, for now, at least, "leaving each other alone and respecting each other's space."

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