Pals: 'Little Girl and Tomcat'

Andy Prokh was an economist by profession, but was always drawn to photography. When he began shooting professionally, the Russian photographer found his favorite subjects were his daughter Catherine and their British shorthair cat, Lilu.

All photos © Andy Prokh

Curiosity and Caution

His series of photos, entitled "Little Girl and Tomcat," captured moments between the two and their interactions with both objects and themselves.

Champion Jump

In Dreams of Space

The black-and-white images presented a relationship that seemed more like that of a pair of siblings rather than one of owner and pet. "They've lived their whole lives together," said Prokh. "I like to take photos of them because I love them both."

Prince of Persia


Bohemian Rhapsody by Cat

The Jugglers

War and …

… and Peace

Favorite Fairy Tales

Accept a Draw

Paint it Gray

Paint it Funny

Catch a Rainbow

The Gang

Saudeks Hiding

The Carotene

The Dreamers

The Circus

How to Make a Masterpiece

You can see more of Andy Prokh's work on his website.

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