Snow White Grants Girl's Wish to See Marine Dad

VIDEO: Alyssa Brown was reunited with her father after making a wish at Californias Disneyland.

Once upon a time there was a 4-year-old girl named Alyssa whose daddy was deployed to Afghanistan with the Marine Corps, and all she wanted in the whole wide world was for her dad, 1 st Lt. Scott Brown, to come home.

Little Alyssa dreamed of the day he'd finally return from his seven month stint overseas, but never imaged a real-life princess would help make her wish come true.

"Alyssa was just having a really hard time coping with Scott being gone," Jennifer Brown, Alyssa's mother, told "She loves Disneyland and that's the last place we had a family get together before Scott left on his deployment. That's why I picked that as the place to reunite."

On March 19, during what Alyssa thought was just a Disneyland trip with her mom and little brother, Liam, to tour the park, Snow White herself granted Alyssa's wish at the magical wishing well.

"I thought I'd just take Alyssa up to the well and throw in a coin and Scott would appear and that would be fabulous," Brown said. "But on the day we arrived, Snow White was actually there greeting guests. They asked her if she could please stay just a little bit longer, so we had to hurry to book it through to make it in the nick of time."

Scott was already waiting inside the park for the rest of his family's arrival when Snow White escorted Alyssa by the hand to the wishing well, knelt down, told her to close her eyes and make a wish.

"I wish … I wish for my daddy to come home," Alyssa said with tightly-closed eyes.

And when she opened them, there he was.

Without missing a beat, Alyssa ran over to her father to wrap her arms around him.

"When she told Snow White her wish was for daddy to come home, that surprised my mom and I, because I thought she'd ask for candy or something. So it was just perfect," Brown said.

The San Diego family is now living happily ever after until Scott's next deployment, which as of now, has not been scheduled.

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