'26 Angels Foundation' to Help Newtown Community

VIDEO: 26 Angels Foundation to Help Newtown Community

Supporters from all over the country attended a fishing tournament and fun day aimed at helping Newtown, the community that was devastated by a school shooting last year.

The first Benevolent Bass Fishing Tournament and Day of Fun was held Sunday at Danbury Tour Park on Candlewood Lake in Danbury, Conn. The event was created by The 26 Angels Foundation, a group established with the help of fishermen and businessmen who wanted to help the Newtown community.

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"Today is an event to have all the families of Sandy Hook come enjoy a day of fun," Chris Bielert, the foundation's vice president said Sunday. "[We] have a fishing derby for the kids. We have bounce houses. We have a great food set-up."

"The whole idea is to give all of those families a day of fun and put some smiles on those kids faces," he said. "The money is great but also making people happy, that's a huge impact that we are trying to have on those families as well."

The foundation's "26 Angels" represent the students and staffers killed by Adam Lanza during his shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

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The entry fees from the approximately 100 angler angels participating in Sunday's event will benefit the foundation. The winner's trophy will go in a trophy case at Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to Bielert.

The foundation plans to continue to identify individuals, groups and causes within the Newtown community and provide help through its fundraising efforts.

"We all know that the families affected by this are going to need some help, not just tomorrow or the next day but many years down the road," Bielert said. "The goal for the foundation is to generate the funds so that we can support those people when they need it and also to create fun days like we're going to have today."

Natalie Hammond, lead teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, is a member of The 26 Angels Foundation. She was present at yesterday's event.

"Today was about giving back to the community and bringing in Sandy Hook families and students and just giving them a really good time," Hammond said.

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