90-Year-Old Florida Man Stuck in Car for 3 Days

VIDEO: Justyn Ambrozia was found alive by his neighbor after having broken his hip and arm.

Tim Weidman's neighbor in New Port Richey, Fla., feebly called him over to his car last week.

"He calls me over. I start to walk over and he tells me that he can't move his legs," Weidman told ABC News affiliate Action News in Tampa of the May 2 encounter.

Justyn Ambrozia, 90, had apparently been stuck inside his car for three days with a broken hip and wrist.

Ambrozia suffered a fall at a Publix grocery store, which the company confirmed. Employees reportedly helped put him and his groceries in his car. By the time Ambrozia drove the 2.5 miles back to his home, however, he found himself too weak and injured to pull the car's door handle.

He was unable to flag help with the car horn because the car's battery died as soon as he got home, he told The Tampa Bay Times. He also reportedly tried to use the automated garage door to attract attention, which failed.

For sustenance, he reportedly ate the snacks he had purchased at Publix, including cookies, cake and empty ice cream cones. He did not have access to water, the Times said.

He was taken to the Medical Center of Trinity in Pasco County, where he has had at least one hip surgery since Thursday, according to the The Tampa Bay Times. Ambrozia declined to comment to ABC News.

As for Publix, spokesman Brian West said, "At the moment, we are conducting out own investigation to make sure we understand exactly what took place."

West declined to comment on whether Ambrozia seemed unable to drive after his fall and did not know of any store protocol for when a customer gets injured on company premises.

"We just hope that he recovers quickly and we'd love to have him back soon as our customer," he said.

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