ABC News Fixer Reader Gets Results: DISH Has Change of Heart

Dear Readers: We've got another happy ending.

The ABC News Fixer recently heard from Josefa Price of Fresno, Calif., who kept getting refund checks from DISH Network made out to her deceased husband - a situation she found frustrating and distressing. Josefa was hoping to get the $64.50 refund reissued in her name, but barring that, she wanted them to stop sending her checks made out to him.

The problem arose after Josefa didn't cancel and restart the account in her name after her husband died of cancer in 2008.

READ ORIGINAL: Dear ABC News Fixer, DISH Keeps Issuing My Refund in My Late Husband's Name

After the ABC News Fixer brought this to DISH Network's attention, they did stop the checks - but their rep told Josefa she'd need to take legal steps to become executor of his estate before she could get the refund in her name.

Since then, the satellite TVcompany had a change of heart.

The morning after our column posted, Josefa heard from DISH Network. They promised to send her the refund in her name and they did just that. Josefa received her check May 2.

- The ABC News Fixer

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