Apollo 11 Memorabilia Auction Set

VIDEO: A rotation control handle grip is included among space items up for bid in New Hampshire.

Space and aviation artifacts, including an EKG of astronaut Neil Armstrong's heartbeat, taken when he first stepped on the moon, will be put up for auction this month.

The electrocardiogram of the Apollo 11 commander is an important piece of history, RR Auction based in Amherst, N.H., says.

"When Armstrong had confirmed touch-down…we can imagine what he was feeling as his heart must have been pumping at the time," Vice President of RR Bobby Livingston said. "This was a life or death mission and understanding what Armstrong was going through at the time during the landing and the even more stressful moon-walk is an amazing look into what the human body is able to endure."

RR Auction

A 'joystick' shared by moonwalker Buzz Adlrin and Pilot Michael Collins during the first lunar landing mission, a moon map, equipment, countless autographs and photos are other items set to be sold.

In Photos: Record-Breaking Auction Items

The auction features over 850 premiere lots, and many of the collections originated from the aviators and astronauts themselves.

The sale is scheduled to take place May 16-23.

RR Auction

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