Peabody Hotel Ducks Make Final March in Arkansas

VIDEO: Little Rocks Peabody Hotel is losing its feathered inhabitants with sale to Marriott.

The Little Rock, Ark., Peabody Hotel's signature ducks made their final waddle down the red carpet before settling into retirement.

The hotel, which has held its duck marches twice a day for the past 11 years, had its last march on Tuesday for its feathered friends before it converted to a Marriott.

Every day at 11 a.m., the ducks were led down the elevator to the lobby by the hotel's duckmaster, said Andy Groveman, senior vice president of Belz Enterprises, which is affiliated with the Peabody Hotel Group.

Credit: KATV

The mallards then waddled down the hotel's red carpet to a John Phillip Sousa march before making their way into a fountain in the lobby, Groveman told ABC News.

At 5 p.m., the duck master would lead the ducks back down the red carpet, and up into the elevator.

Crowds gathered at the hotel to watch the final duck march, which was a beloved local tradition at the Little Rock hotel.

Groveman said the ducks at the Peabody Hotel locations in Memphis, Tenn., and Orlando, Fla., will continue to march on.

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