Princeton Alums Attempt Tennis Outfit Record

Princeton University's Class of 1998 is attempting to set the record for the largest gathering of people in tennis outfit. (Getty Images)

Alumni from Princeton University plan on having a "net"-working event at their reunion this year.

At their 15-year celebration next month, the Class of 1998 will attempt to set a Guinness world record for the largest gathering of people in tennis outfits on the university campus.

"It was something we could accomplish, as well as having a really fun reunion," Beth Brett, 36, LA, Calif., reunion co-chair and president of the Class of 1998, told "Our competitive spirits are high at Princeton."

In order to set the record, at least 250 participants must be wearing a tennis outfit and tennis sneakers, while holding a tennis ball and a tennis racket.

A Guinness World Records official will be present that day to carefully ensure that all requirements for setting the record have been met.

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Brett said her class voted for a tennis theme, a combination of the tennis term "15-Love" and their celebration of 15 years as Princeton alumni. Dressing up according to a theme is a tradition at Princeton class reunions.

"It's taking a lot of hands on deck," Brett said of organizing the event. "We invited the public to participate."

Tennis costumes will be provided to all registered participants, even including tennis "onesies" for infants and toddlers.

The 1998 class got the ball rolling for a record attempt after a member of the class contacted Jamie Panas, a Guinness World Records public relations manager.

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While the tennis outfit record has never been attempted before, achieving the feat will not be easy. Finding enough tennis rackets for those participating has been a challenge, Brett said.

Nevertheless, Brett said the Class of 1998 is excited to take a swing at the challenge.

"It's a really unique opportunity to show we have unity with our class and are thinking outside of the box," Brett said.

The Class of 1998 will try to ace their attempt on June 1 during a class photo.

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