'Star Trek' Spoof at Nuclear Power Plant

"Star Trek" Spoof at Nuclear Power Plant (Image credit: 10NEWS)

Reported by ABC News' Nichole Smith:

There's no telling what some senior executives will do to support the corporate culture - but a recently surfaced three-year-old video from a nuclear power plant shows executives going where perhaps no executives have gone before.

In full Federation uniforms, several executives and line employees at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, or SONGS, in Pendleton, Calif., made a spoof "Star Trek" video called "SONGS TREK" right inside the nuclear station's training facility, reported ABC's San Diego affiliate KGTV.

The video spoof was supported by those at the very top.

San Onofre's then-chief nuclear officer Ross Ridenoure took the starring role as Capt. James T. Kirk, with San Onofre's current vice president and station manager Doug Bauder playing one of the crew members.

And no "Star Trek" detail was spared as a rather imperious Dr. Spock appeared, sporting full make-up and an arched set of Vulcan eyebrows.

But not everyone was a fan of the folly.

Taping the adventures of Starship Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, as the San Onofre crew redubbed the Starship Enterprise, in the midst of a nuclear power plant apparently rubbed some its employees the wrong way.

An " inside" San Onofre source requesting anonymity told KGTV that workers had found the video spoof "inappropriate."

The video "was a lighthearted thing," Maureen Brown, spokeswomen for Southern California Edison, San Onofre's parent company, told ABC News, explaining that the video was intended for an employee recognition event, and its focus was safety.

Even in this tongue-and-cheek effort, that message still managed to come through as Ridenoure, in typical Kirk fashion, rallied the crew when the Starship hit an unusual "space fabric."

"So many safety hazards, lieutenants. Are you prepared to get us out of our current situation?" he asked.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which never knew about this 2010 video until KGTV contacted the agency for comment, recently reviewed it and found no cause for alarm.

Quite the contrary: The spoofed back-and-forth dialogue actually reinforced the three-way communication that nuclear power plant employees should use to ensure instructions are properly understood, an agency spokesman told ABC News. "It was a teaching opportunity," he said.

But ultimately the spoof splattered.

Despite the effort and the $800 cost, the video was never finished and was never shown at any employee recognition event.

And Capt. Kirk no longer helms the bridge.

Ridenoure has since left San Onofre, but Brown took care to explain that his departure had nothing to do with the galactic team-building exercise.

San Onofre was shut down in January 2012 because of radiation leaks, reported KGTV. Southern California Edison has submitted a request to reopen the station at 70 percent power, but the NRC told ABC News it had set no date for acting on that request.

So forget the sequel. There's not much chance that Kirk and crew will rise again - at least at San Onofre.

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