True Confessions Airing on "20/20? Friday, May 3 at 10 pm on ABC

Get ready for a big dose of shocking disclosures… from doctors and hairdressers and even burglars, the people in your neighborhood reveal some surprising secrets of their trade. "True Confessions" airs on "20/20? on FRIDAY, MAY 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir, reports include:

Burglars: How does a house burglar pick which home to rob? What's their preferred method for getting in and out? Which is the more effective deterrent - an alarm system or a German Shepherd? And what should you do if you're unlucky enough to stumble upon a thief while he's robbing your home? Chris Patterson of Minneapolis, convicted four times of burglary, reveals all. Deborah Roberts reports.

Hairdressers: A popular Santa Monica hair stylist shares secrets of her trade, from the ridiculous markups on the hair products stylists are too often told to push to the outrageous prices for some haircuts to the methodical way some stylists share the deep personal secrets with which their clients trust them. Also, "20/20? hits the streets to see if a panel of men can tell which women got a cheap cut and who got the $600 trim. Cecillia Vega reports.

Doctors: Dr. Michael Makary of Johns Hopkins tears the curtain back on the secrets of the medical profession from the big stuff including botched surgeries, unnecessary procedures, and substance abuse, to why patients wait in an ER. Elizabeth Vargas reports.

Moms: Some lie, scream, hold grudges, and play favorites with their own kids! They are the moms who post their darkest secrets on Jill Smokler's Scary Mommy blog. Elizabeth Vargas explores the lives of women who post on Smokler's "Confess a Mommy Sin" board, and asks them what prompts them to go public with their secrets. She also follows up with a family profiled on "20/20," in which a mother candidly admitted she preferred one kid over another to see how that turned out.

Window Washers: High above the city streets, scaling the sides of skyscraper office buildings and high rise condos, some window washers are not just washing, they are watching… and you can just imagine the things they've seen! Matt Gutman goes up against the glass with a crew of Florida high-rise guys who video tape their adventures on helmet-cam.

David Sloan is the executive producer of "20/20."

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