California Suspect Says Alleged Kidnapping Was an 'Accident'

(Image Credit: Fremont Police Department)

A California man says he kidnapped a teenage girl by "accident" this week after she found him in her car and he allegedly held her at knife-point and stole her cellphone, officials said. The alleged victim, 16, parked at a grocery store in Fremont, Calif., Monday at around 7 a.m., and left her doors unlocked before entering the shop, according to the police report filed in court.

Aron Kumar Roy, 23, whom witnesses say they had seen in the parking lot, hid behind the driver's seat in her car while she was inside, according to the police report. Roy waited for the teen to drive off before allegedly brandishing a knife and directing her where to go. He then ordered her to stop the car and told her to take off her clothes, according to the police report, before she escaped and called 911.

Roy ran off but the Fremont Police Department said they used fingerprints to find him. He was arrested Monday and charged Thursday with kidnapping and intent of rape, second-degree robbery and cocaine possession. He is being held at the Fremont County Jail without bail. His lawyer has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

Geneva Bosques of the Fremont Police Department told ABC News that Roy and the victim did not know each other. Police say they searched Roy's house the day he was arrested, and found the sweatshirt - with condoms in the pocket - he was wearing during the alleged encounter with the teen.

They also say they found violent pornography on his cellphone, and a search on his laptop revealed he had typed "rape, sleep and porn" into Yahoo. Police say Roy has admitted to possessing cocaine and watching rough pornographic videos on his phone. He also said he had no intention to kidnap the teen.

The police documents note that Roy maintains he "got into the wrong car by accident" and lay down. When the victim began driving and he realized he was in the wrong car, he told police, "she screamed and he freaked out."

"Just based on the evidence that we have, we don't believe it was an accident," police spokeswoman Bosques told ABC News. "He did kidnap her and held a knife to her. We found the knife at his home."

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